Asteroids Main Game


Play the classic game of Asteroids. An arcade retro game!

This is an arcade retro game!

Your goal is to maneuver your spaceship in space and destroy all the asteroids without being hit by one of them! Watch out for the alien spaceships as well.

Asteroids Main Game is free!
Asteroids Main Game is free!

The game will start with two asteroids. Every time you hit one of them, it will break up in three smaller asteroids. If you destroy all the smallest asteroids, you will go to the next level. Every new level the number of asteroids will increase by one.


The new generations may not know about this classic arcade game. For you, young at heart, this is the time to play all the games you were not allowed to play when you were a kid! And this time you will not need the 25 cents!

If you can get to level 12, let it us know!

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Main Reasons to Download this Game:

  • FREE Download!
  •  No Payments Needed!
  • Only One Permissions from your Phone!
  • One Player Only
  • Addictive Game.
  • Arcade classic!
  • Challenging!
  • Small Size !


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