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FutBola: A soccer Game

A retro soccer game. You kick the ball, score goals and win against a robot player.

futBolaIf you like retro games and sports, this soccer game may be for you!

This is a simple and addictive soccer game. It does not feature 3D graphics nor Virtual Reality, it is just about the joy of playing, and accepting new challenges.

You are the star of the soccer game here! You move your paddle with your finger, and Kick the ball. Score three goals, and move to the next level. Don’t let the robot player win you. Start as a beginner, and finish as a World Cup Champion!

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Snowboard Bro:

This is a basic snowboarding game!4

You control your player by tapping on the screen. Tap right, and the snowboarder goes right. Tap left and he goes left. This simple!.

The game will keep the five best top scores. The longer you can play, the higher you will rank.

Snowboarder Bro is free! It does not include any sort of advertisements, nor tracking software.

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